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The Absurdity of Gun Lobby

By Junling Hu

Imagine a group of drug dealers come together to organize a political group. They actively recruit members among drug users, and they brazenly claim any regulation on recreational drugs is against constitution. They then promote drug use among young people and general population. What will happen to this country? This is exactly what NRA has been doing with guns. NRA is an organized group of gun dealers, assisted by membership of gun users. It fights against any regulation on guns, and it tries to promote guns among young people. .

The true motivation of NRA is not serving its member, many of whom have moderate views on gun regulation. The true motivation of NRA is getting huge profit from gun sale. That also means getting more people to use guns.  How to achieve that? Claiming gun as the only way of self-defense while police are not to be trusted; marketing guns as sexy, forcing states to pass laws that allow people to carry gun everywhere, forbidding lawsuits against gun dealers and manufacturers. The list goes on and on.

Far from its original mission of safety training for hunters, NRA has become an organization that promotes death, a result of putting gun everywhere. By doing so, they have wrecked havoc on this country for the last 30 years, starting from the establishment of ILA (Institute for Legislative Action), the NRA’s lobby branch, in 1975.  Today, ILA has 20 million annual budget, about 80 full-time staff members and trained lobbyists. It helps that ILA’s parent NRA has annual budget of $200 million.

ILA promotes an extremist agenda. That is: any regulation on guns is an encroachment of personal freedom. The absurdity of this argument leads to the following outcome: Any consumer product in the United States, from teddy bears to cars, is subject to government safety regulation, except guns. The lack of safety standard and child-proof features leads to many tragic accidents at home, killing children of 4 or 5 years-old. Another outcome is lack of registration or licensing for guns, making it extremely easy for criminals to get hold of guns. ILA is against assault weapon ban, and against closing gun show loophole. It is against microstamping that would allow law enforcement to trace criminals. On the other hand, ILA is pushing for concealed-weapon law in states, allowing people to carry weapons on streets. It’s pushing for weapon on university campus, in shopping mall and in churches, and most absurdly in workplace.

ILA’s lobbying effort is helped by the large member of NRA. From late 1970s to 2009, NRA membership grew 3 times, reaching 4 million today. Many of these people join because they use firearms, but they are unknowingly becomes NRA’s propaganda target. Inciting fear that the government is taking away their guns, ILA successfully creates a cohesive group that passionately write campaign letters. Promoting misinformation on gun death and gun usage, ILA promotes the myth that more guns leads to less crimes. In reality it’s the opposite. ILA further promotes an insurgent philosophy, where people defend their freedom by guns instead of by ballots.

The most dangerous result of NRA lobby is forcing guns into international domain. Right after 9-11, NRA lobbied to allow pilots to carry guns into their cockpit, which leads to many disputes with other countries where guns are not allowed. Today, NRA is arguing for arming ship crews with guns, where crew members are mostly civilians and the presence of guns simply make internal dispute more volatile and confrontation with pirates more deadly. US stance on gun issue also runs into dispute with other countries whose harbors do not welcome guns.

The profound absurdity of gun lobby has made the United States most violent country in the industrial nations. The gun death rate of US (10.3 per 100,000) is the highest among all countries with national income higher than $15,000. It’s 2 times of Canada (4.8 per 100,000), 5 times of Germany (1.6 per 100,000), 25 times of UK (0.4 per 100,000), and 100 times of Japan (0.07 per 100,000).

It is time for us the face the absurdity of gun lobby and its deadly consequence. We cannot be held hostage by a group of extremists. We ask for common sense gun laws, and demand basic public safety.


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5 Responses

  1. mdgelly says:

    This is a very cogent and rational article. It seems to fly in the face of reason that anyone would want unregistered guns in their neighborhoods.

    I think a major problem is the inherent intimidation factor. Not only is the gun-lobby blatant about their profit-making, but we put ourselves in harms way when we try to protest.

    You are very heroic to be undertaking this blog, and I fully support you. I think that we should actually do more – get out on the streets in a massive nationwide protest. But, people are not only intimidated, but are complacent at this point.

    There is so much wrong in our society; unfortunately, death is a profitable business. Hopefully, a SANE administration will begin moving laws in the direction of sanity.

  2. Ohio9 says:

    mdgelly: “I think a major problem is the inherent intimidation factor. Not only is the gun-lobby blatant about their profit-making, but we put ourselves in harms way when we try to protest.”

    Oh really? Please name a single instance in which a pro-gun supporter has violently attacked a gun banner at a peacefully protest.

  3. Carole says:

    Great article. Another important point to consider is the fact that, although gun owners have the right to personal freedom and self-defense, individuals like you and I have the right to live in communities free of gun violence. It is extremely difficult to only allow guns for law-abiding citizens, not the mentally ill, convicted felons, and juveniles, especially when gun shows do not require any kind of background checks.

  4. Ohio9 says:

    By the way, the original mission of the NRA wasn’t “safety training for hunters”. It was originally founded by a group of Union soldiers after the Civil war who were appalled by the poor marksmenship of their fellow troops. Their original mission was to improve marksmanship in general among the population. It had little to do with hunting.

    But the biggest lie in this article (which is saying a lot) is that the NRA cares about gun sales. They don’t. Show me where on the NRA website I can buy a gun. The NRA has nothing to do with the gun industry and has in fact had to fought vigorously against the gun industry at times when their agendas have conflicted. The NRA represents it’s member, I. E. the gun owners.

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