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Gun on the street and its havoc

by Junling Hu

Today, a 9-year-old was shot to death where she was playing on the street in York, Pennsylvania. She was a bystander in a drive-by shooting.

When I read the news, “girl, 9, shot to to death in York”, I thought it was York in England. But, wait, you normally don’t hear about shooting in England. Then I read closer: A neighbor said he frequently hears gunshots outside at night.”Frequent gunshots”? This sound even more like America. Only in America, assault-weapon ban was not implemented and limiting gun flow to criminals were considered as controversial.

Whenever drive-by shooting happens, we blame the “gang”, never the “gun”. Without guns, how can gangs wreak such havoc on the street? Gang is a world-wide phenomena among young people in every country. While they are wielding knives in European countries, their counterparts are waiving machine guns on the street of US. Is that our pride or our shame?

How many more 9-year-old have to die before we look at our gun policy? It is time to completely close gun show loophole and to renew assault weapon ban.

Do we really love gun or just a small group of people love gun? Only 25% of people own guns in this country. That means 75% people do not own gun or want to have anything to do with guns. Among these one quarter of people who are gun owners, how many hold the extremist view that we should not ban assault weapon? How many are absolutely against tracking and preventing gun fall into criminal’s hands? Unfortunately these small extremist group is vocal that their drown out rational voices.

We need not watch senseless death happening in front of us every day. Too many 9-year-olds have died on the streets. The gun lobby and gun industry has blood on their hand if they continue this blind pursuit for money and power.


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