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Gun virus

By Ron Molen, Letter to Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune

It is interesting to observe our nation gear up for the onslaught of the swine flu virus. The medical profession provides leadership, an organization is in place to mount a defense, most people accept recommended precautions, and a responsible U.S. government cooperates with other nations to halt a potential pandemic.

In contrast, we know the gun virus kills 30,000 Americans every year, yet the recommendations of the medical profession are flipped off and leadership is usurped by National Rifle Association gun addicts. There is no bureaucracy to regulate the proliferation of guns, and citizens are expected to survive on their own or buy a gun and be willing to shoot to kill.

Citizens of every other advanced nation, where guns are tightly controlled, are stunned by the spineless politicians of a self-proclaimed superpower who are afraid to confront the NRA and halt the epidemic of gun deaths that strike 82 Americans every day.


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4 Responses

  1. voice of reason says:

    you know when hitler confiscated all the guns I bet the jews were glad.little did they know what was next.why do you trust the federal government with your well being?any sane person knows that power feeds on power and throughout history governments that have been allowed to grow into these monsters have always been destroyed by there own greed and you know who stopped these evil empires?the people!!the armed people who revolted against an empire which no longer cared for its own people.i would kindly ask you to refresh your 4th grade history lessons as to why the u.s.a. is here to begin with.thank you.

  2. junling says:

    This is the most common myth about “rebel” theory. In history, before democratic society becomes a norm, violent uprising is the only mean to fight against kings, or repressive regime. However, since 1950s, almost every country who fight dictators are successful by peaceful means. Take Argentina, Peru, Chili, and most recently Yugoslavia. All those military dictators are removed through peaceful protests. That’s because in democratic society, we voice opposition by ballots, not by guns.

  3. shawn says:

    The number 30,000 is used alot as the number of gun death victims. Well it might be true that 30,000 is the number of people that die each year from guns. But this number is still misleading half of them are from sucide wich it is sad to say but they would have used a different method if a gun wasnt avalabel. That number also includes death that happen from police shooting crimanals while protecting us. Allthough some dont belive that inacent people have the right to protect themselves ( but how else is a 80 year old going to run off a bunch of home invaders lol with a knife or better yet call the cops that if you ar lucky are minutes away when seconds count ) alot of that 30,000 come from self defence so could your sight at least give some more honest numbers as the people that have been listed above are not actualy victems of guns.

  4. Uzziel says:

    We can try to reason until we’re blue in the face; it’s not going to work upon those who’re too far gone.

    Ergo, we should all gear up: hope and pray for the best whilst preparing for the worst; retards won’t know into what they carelessly treaded until the bear trap snaps their legs in half!


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