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Gun Law News — May 20, 2009

Gun law update

Federal: Senate Votes to Allow Guns at National Parks
Publication: Washington Post

Federal: Obama Would Sign Credit-Card Bill With Gun Amendment
Publication: Bloomberg News

Federal:: Loaded guns allowed in national parks under bill
Publication: Associated Press
Location: Washington, DC

Maryland: O’Malley signs bills aimed at boosting public safety: More gun confiscation authority, allowance of speed cameras among new laws
Publication: Baltimore Sun

Maryland: Domestic violence bills, speed cameras become law
Publication: Maryland Gazette

Louisiana: LSU’s Les Miles concerned about a law that would allow guns on campus
Publication: USA Today
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana: LSU coach, conferences oppose guns on campus; House to debate bill Tuesday
Publication: Monroe News-Star
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Illinois: NRA’s gun control suit will wait for other area rulings
Publication: Daily Northwestern
Location: Evanston, IL


Headline: Editorial: Safer Credit Cards
Publication: New York Times

Headline: Advocates of Gun Rights Are Poised for a Victory
Publication: New York Times

Headline: Guns and Credit Cards: A Strange Legislative Fit
Publication: CQPolitics
Location: Washington, DC

Headline: Ninth Circuit misreads statute in Ileto case granting near immunity to gun industry
Publication: Jurist


Headline: Guns big part of domestic violence
Publication: Arizona Republic
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Headline: Hoyer says Dems beaten on guns
Publication: Politico
Location: Washington, DC


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