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Gun Law News — May 20, 2009

Gun law update

Federal: Senate Votes to Allow Guns at National Parks
Publication: Washington Post

Federal: Obama Would Sign Credit-Card Bill With Gun Amendment
Publication: Bloomberg News

Federal:: Loaded guns allowed in national parks under bill
Publication: Associated Press
Location: Washington, DC

Maryland: O’Malley signs bills aimed at boosting public safety: More gun confiscation authority, allowance of speed cameras among new laws
Publication: Baltimore Sun

Maryland: Domestic violence bills, speed cameras become law
Publication: Maryland Gazette

Louisiana: LSU’s Les Miles concerned about a law that would allow guns on campus
Publication: USA Today
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana: LSU coach, conferences oppose guns on campus; House to debate bill Tuesday
Publication: Monroe News-Star
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Illinois: NRA’s gun control suit will wait for other area rulings
Publication: Daily Northwestern
Location: Evanston, IL


Headline: Editorial: Safer Credit Cards
Publication: New York Times

Headline: Advocates of Gun Rights Are Poised for a Victory
Publication: New York Times

Headline: Guns and Credit Cards: A Strange Legislative Fit
Publication: CQPolitics
Location: Washington, DC

Headline: Ninth Circuit misreads statute in Ileto case granting near immunity to gun industry
Publication: Jurist


Headline: Guns big part of domestic violence
Publication: Arizona Republic
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Headline: Hoyer says Dems beaten on guns
Publication: Politico
Location: Washington, DC


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Gun Law News – May 11, 2009

Gun law update


News report


Publication: Journal News
Location: White Plains, NY




Headline:  Minority youngsters dying weekly on Chicago’s streets
Location: Chicago, IL

Headline: Boy dies after Liberty County shooting
Publication: Houston Chronicle
Location: Libterty County, TX

Headline: 7-year-old Texas boy dies in off-road shooting
Publication: Associated Press
Location: Houston, TX

Headline: UW-La Crosse names eagle mascot ‘Colbert’
Publication: Associated Press
Location: La Crosse, WI

Headline: Prof. wanted in killings found dead in Ga. woods
Publication: Associated Press
Location: Athens, GA

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Gun Law News — May 8,2009

Gun Law update

NRA-sponsored ATF Reform Bill Introduced in Senate
It will further limit Agency’s license revocation power for gun dealers

US Senators push to allow guns in parks
from Jackson Hole Daily

Tennessee House passes “guns in bars” bill
From Chattanooga Times Free Press

Tennessee House approves guns-in-restaurants bill
From Memphis Commercial Appeal

Bill stopping confiscation of guns passes Tennessee Senate
Location: Nashville, TN

Lawsuit Seeks Stronger Gun Rights For California Citizens
From CBS News

Why the Legislature should keep concealed weapons off Texas campuses
From Austin American-Statesman

Face of gun crime
Location: Savannah, GA

News Report:

Obama picks fight on alien jail funds, dodges on gun tracing

Assault rifle for Sarah Palin? Won’t happen.

Teen arrested for having assault rifle at school

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NRA sues Pittsburgh mayor, council over gun law

PITTSBURGH, PA – The National Rifle Association has sued Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and the City Council over the legality of a city law requiring gun owners to report their lost or stolen guns.

The NRA says the law “severely restricts and/or infringes” on the constitutional right to keep firearms in homes. The NRA and four individuals also argue in the suit that the city does not have the authority to regulate the ownership of firearms.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Allegheny County Court. The council approved the legislation in December, and it became law 10 days later without Ravenstahl’s signature.

The NRA also has challenged a series of gun-control measures passed by Philadelphia’s City Council.
Report from

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