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Gun Law News — May 8,2009

Gun Law update

NRA-sponsored ATF Reform Bill Introduced in Senate
It will further limit Agency’s license revocation power for gun dealers

US Senators push to allow guns in parks
from Jackson Hole Daily

Tennessee House passes “guns in bars” bill
From Chattanooga Times Free Press

Tennessee House approves guns-in-restaurants bill
From Memphis Commercial Appeal

Bill stopping confiscation of guns passes Tennessee Senate
Location: Nashville, TN

Lawsuit Seeks Stronger Gun Rights For California Citizens
From CBS News

Why the Legislature should keep concealed weapons off Texas campuses
From Austin American-Statesman

Face of gun crime
Location: Savannah, GA

News Report:

Obama picks fight on alien jail funds, dodges on gun tracing

Assault rifle for Sarah Palin? Won’t happen.

Teen arrested for having assault rifle at school


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