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Map of Gun Death Rate across US

This is a map based the newest data released by CDC (for year 2006) on death rate in different states in US.


See source data at:


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States with Higher Gun Ownership Lead Nation in Gun Death

A new report from Violence Policy Center, based on data  just released for year 2006 from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s division Center for Injury Prevention and Control, showed startling link between gun ownership and gun death rate. The top five states that lead gun death in the United States are: Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Mississippi and Nevada.

States with the Five Highest Gun Death Rates
Rank State Gun Death per 100,000 Household Gun Ownership
1 Louisiana 19.58 45.6 percent
2 Alabama 16.99 57.2 percent
3 (tie) Alaska 16.38 60.6 percent
3 (tie) Mississippi 16.38 54.3 percent
5 Nevada 16.25 31.5 percent

On the other hand, states with low gun ownership has much lower death rate.

States with the Five Lowest Gun Death Rates
Rank State Gun Death per 100,000 Household Gun Ownership
50 Hawaii 2.58 9.7 percent
49 Massachusetts 3.28 12.8 percent
48 Rhode Island 4.43 13.3 percent
47 Connecticut 4.95 16.2 percent
46 New York 5.20 18.1 percent

The complete list of all 50 states can be seen at VPC site. The original report from VPC is here

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Assault Weapon Shooting March-April 2009

Marrero, Louisiana.  April 30, 2009. A 14 year old boy died after being shot in the head with an AK-47 assault rifle.

New Orleans, Louisiana.  April 27, 2009. A man with an AK-47 assault rifle shot into a car carrying a man and his two children, hitting the 10 year old boy in the arm, after the father stopped to ask for directions.

Liberty City, Florida.  April 26, 2009. Four teenagers and a 22 year old were wounded when someone shot at them from a car with an AK-47 assault rifle as they were standing outside a home.

Moultrie, Georgia.  April 26, 2009. An intoxicated convicted felon threatened his family and shot an assault rifle out the door of the family residence.

Oakland, California.  April 22, 2009. Someone sprayed bullets from an assault rifle at two people in a car, causing the driver to crash into a utility pole.  Several cars and homes nearby were also hit with bullets.

Youngstown, Ohio.  April 21, 2009. A gunman fired repeatedly on a home with an AK-47 assault rifle.

Warren, Ohio.  April 13, 2009. Someone armed with an assault weapon fired repeatedly into a home during a drive-by shooting, killing a child and an adult, and injuring another child.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  April 9, 2009. A man armed with an AK-47 assault rifle fired at a car full of people before fleeing from police.  Nobody in the car was hit.

Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  April 9, 2009. A man shot his mother with an AK-47 assault rifle and stabbed his brother’s girlfriend during a family argument.

Beaumont, Texas. April 8, 2009. An argument between a couple going through a divorce turned violent when the couple and their friends exchanged gunfire with SKS assault rifles.  A 19 year old man was shot during the incident.

SeaTac, Washington.  April 7, 2009. A man jumped out of a car and fired an AK-47 assault rifle into another car stopped at an intersection, hitting the two men in the front seats.  One of the men died from his injuries.  A woman and a two year old boy in the back seat were not injured.  Police believe the shooting was retaliation for another shooting.

St. Petersburg, Florida.  April 5, 2009.  Two gunman sprayed more than 50 rounds from two AR-15 assault rifles into a house overnight, killing an eight year old girl who was asleep inside.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  April 4, 2009. A man armed with multiple guns, including an assault rifle, ambushed police when they responded to a domestic disturbance call, shooting and killing three officers immediately.  The gunman and police exchanged fire for several hours after the initial ambush, with more than a hundred rounds being fired, before he surrendered.  The gunman was shot in the legs but not mortally wounded because he was wearing body armor, and a forth police officer was shot in the hand.  The gunman had lost his job recently and was afraid the Obama administration was going to ban guns.

Seattle, Washington.  April 2, 2009. A 22 year old man shot and killed a man with an assault rifle outside a home.  Police believe the shooting stemmed from an earlier argument.

Pine Township, Pennsylvania.  April 1, 2009. A man assaulted a woman and shot at her with an SKS assault rifle as she ran away.  When another man arrived at the scene, the gunman attacked him before fleeing in the woman’s car.  Police arrested the gunman later that night.

Indianapolis, Indiana.  March 25, 2009. Four men in a car, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, shot two people as they were exiting a nightclub.  One victim died and the other was seriously wounded.

Seguin, Texas. March 25, 2009. A man with an assault rifle shot at a man in a car multiple times, causing him to crash.  The victim then fled on foot while the gunman continued to shoot at him.

Cincinnati, Ohio.  March 25, 2009. Three men armed with two guns, including an assault rifle, fired at least 25 rounds at a FBI agent in a car.  The agent was not injured, but the car he was sitting in, a nearby car, and two houses were struck many times.

Oakland, California.  March 21, 2009.  A man with an extensive criminal history shot five police officers, killing four of them.  The gunman shot and killed the first two police officers during a routine traffic stop, and then fled to a nearby apartment building where he shot another three police officers with an assault rifle.  The gunman died when police returned fire.

Scranton, Pennsylvania.  March 15, 2009. The same man implicated in the incident on March 14 in Altoona is suspected of shooting two people with an AK-47 assault rifle.  When police arrested the man, they found two AK-47s, 500 rounds of ammunition, and six homemade bombs in his possession.

Altoona, Pennsylvania.  March 14, 2009. A distraught man fired more than 20 rounds from an AK-47 assault rifle into the house of his ex-girlfriend.  The man had been convicted of assault and harassment previously and served time in jail.

Geneva County & Coffee County, Alabama.  March 10, 2009. A man killed 10 people, including his mother, grandmother, and other family members, as well as an 18 month old baby and her mother, and injured an additional three people.  The shooting spree spread through multiple towns, ending only when the gunman killed himself during a shootout with police.  The gunman, armed with an SKS assault rifle, an AR-15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun, taped together ammunition magazines to reload faster and fired over 200 rounds during the massacre.

Florida City, Florida.  March 10, 2009. A gunman shot two men, one fatally, from his car with an assault rifle.

Tyler, Texas.  March 9, 2009. A man on parole fired an AK-47 assault rifle repeatedly after arguing with his wife in their apartment.  Nobody was injured, but there were three children, ages five, six and 11, also present at the time of the shooting.

Indianapolis, Indiana.  March 9, 2009.  A 20 year old fired an assault rifle towards a car at least ten times, hitting and seriously injuring a seven year old boy who was climbing inside.  The gunman said the shooting stemmed from a prior incident and that he did not see the boy.

Myrtle Beach, Florida.  March 6, 2009. A man armed with an assault rifle shot at a police officer after being pulled over for erratic driving.  The gunman hit the police car multiple times with gunfire, but did not hit the officer.  The gunman was wounded when the officer returned fire.

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The Face of Gun Homicide

By Junling Hu

Among all the homicide committed with guns, how many are calculated murder? How many are emotionally driven and happen in the heat of argument? Gun Homicide BreakdownSurprisingly, about 60% gun homicide happen during an argument. This includes argument at home, in a car, or at nightclubs.

In the heat of the moment, someone pulls out a gun and just shoot. The result is a dead person and a felony-to-be who will spend the rest of his life in prison. Not to mention shattered lives of their families.

Based on information from the website, which collects gun deaths in US from news media, I put together a chart (see above). In this chart, different types of gun homicide are shown as a percentage of total. This chart excludes suicide, but includes accidental gun death.

Dispute-driven shooting actually accounts for more than 60% of the total gun deaths because we have not accounted for mass shootings driven by domestic disputes. In Georgia, a professor shot his ex-wife and her colleagues; in California, the gunman opened fire at a retreat center, targeting his wife and others. If we add these instances, the actual death from dispute is about 64%.

Another tragic fact is shoot death by police. About 7% of shooting deaths happen when police are confronted with guns. Some police react justly, and some may have reacted hastily. But the main factor is the presence of gun. Such tragedy can be easily avoided if gun is not so widespread.

Cold-hearted murder accounts for 12% of gun death, some are driven by robbery, and some are driven by drug deals. Self-defense gun dealth accounts of a tiny 2%, and some of which are dubious claim with suspicious circumstances.

In the end, 86% of gun deaths are preventable and can be reduced through more sensible gun laws.

Our nation is bleeding every day, with gun shooting happens at every corner, from Maine to Texas, from Florida to Alaska. It is time to call for strong gun laws. Such laws save lives, for gun owners, for their families, and for the community.

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